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Every company that sells products or goods nowadays needs an online store.
With it, you increase your sales and save time. Due to the advancing digitalization, the demands of customers have changed immensely more.

This is also reflected in the fact that 87 percent of consumers now expect most stationary stores to offer digital services.

At the latest since Corona, an online store is indispensable for entrepreneurs. As reported by “die Welt“, but also by many others, purchasing behavior will change very significantly as a result of the pandemic. Predominantly into the “virtual” world.

The accompanying changes in buying behavior are particularly noticeable in the retail sector. Young consumers in particular no longer want to differentiate between online and offline – they use all available channels for shopping as a matter of course.

The beginnings of “electronic commerce” (e-commerce) started back in the early 1980s and today it is impossible to imagine life without it.

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What is important in an online store?

What is the most important thing for an online store? Both for the user and for the operator, what is most important here?

“The customer should be able to buy the desired product as easily and quickly as possible.”

There must be no mistakes. Whether it be when selecting items, paying or entering the shipping address. Furthermore, the online store must look good on every device and be easy to use. If the user gets stuck at any point, the browser window will be closed and you will have lost a new customer.

In summary, important are:

  • fast loading time, despite many articles
  • Simple operation
  • Known payment systems
  • Simple check out process

What does it cost to have an online store created?

Each online store, as with websites, has individual requirements.

  • Should the inventory automatically update with the one from the wholesaler?
  • Which payment systems?
  • How many items?
  • Special requirements?

Especially the number of items are crucial for an online store.

An exact price can only be named after a comprehensive free consultation. As a rule, prices for small online stores start at around €3,500.

Are there any monthly fees with an online store?

When creates your online presence, there are almost no monthly fees.
The only fixed costs that remain are those of the web space and the domain.
Depending on the size of the online store, a different amount of web space is needed.

In a year, a web space with domain costs between 24 € and 36€ (depending on the provider). Furthermore, Klarna or PayPal also charge fees for transactions.

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What are the advantages of having an online store?

  • Open 24h
  • Low cost
  • Sell internationally or nationwide
  • Scalability
  • Easy presentation of best sellers

How long does it take to create an online store?

This question can also only be answered with a direct free consultation. Too many factors play a role here. Nevertheless, to cautiously give a figure (with reservations, of course), you can calculate approximately between 30 and 60 working days.